Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hammin' it up for the camera.

Video of Zach and some other stuff

Ahhh dear blog how I've missed you. Y'know it gets harder to do these things after the initial influx of ideas. Thank the Lord for my son's health and growth to keep you all entertained. I've got some awesome video of the boy going to town although he's asleep. It's about a minute and a half long so dial up users beware. It is however endlessly funny and worth the wait. I've also got a few random pictures to toss up here as well.

After a nice relaxing bath... ahhhhh the Wisniewski spa in full effect.

Love this hair, I'm determined to give Zach a mo-hawk at some point in his early youth!

Man, Rupert is fitting in with this family just fine and Zach doesn't seem to mind.

I just have to say a word about the upcoming TV season. Heidi and I are not big TV watchers, we don't have cable or dish or anything else. Just HDTV through a regular antenna so we get local channels and about five PBS channels (which is an indication that I'm getting old when I think it's awesome to have more than one PBS to choose from, although I avoid their "news" like the plague). Heidi and I do have a few must watch shows though. Among them is Scrubs (on it's 7th and last season) and The Office.

Now let me inform you all that Heidi and I together have exquisite taste in programming. We watched The Office from when it first came on the air and we even checked out the British Office before most knew it existed. In a way we feel like we were the pilgrims landing on the scant sitcom shore, we discovered it and it is now ours, and we don't care who was here before us. We rarely buy DVD's of TV shows but we make an exception for The Office and Scrubs. So we lent The Office DVD's to our friend Regina and at first she didn't care for them. We were astonished and rebuked her right away (seeing as we have the same sort of warped sense of humor). We strongly suggested she reconsider giving them back until she had a chance to view them in the right state of mind. Of course upon second viewing she was coerced into seeing the pure brilliance that is this show. Since then we have noticed the show rise in popularity and we have turned others onto it. So Heidi and I take all the credit for the shows' popularity seeing as everyone who's anyone comes to us for their pop-culture advice. We have in fact started the "Pop-culture Party Planning Committee" of which we are the only two members because I said so.

So we're slowly making our way through the newly released Season 3 in anticipation of Season 4's premiere in just two short weeks. Season 3 is even more brilliant, funny, and completely uncomfortable than the previous 2 and I highly recommend... nay, order you to check it out if you're not already.

You must be so happy to see the end...

"That's what she said!"