Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Barenaked Ladies!

No, not those... the BAND from Canada. In the great tradition that They Might Be Giants started with NO!, Here Come the ABC's, and their latest release Here Come the 123's, Barenaked Ladies are releasing their own kid's album called SNACKTIME. They are also having a contest for promo art. The winner gets a signed CD and some other cool stuff. Rest assured I will not be that person, but it was a fun exercise even though the execution left much to be desired. Not only that but I've seen Oliver Wade's brilliant take and Kelly Light's as well (you can find her blog on the links to the right). And who knows how many other creative minds have done their thing...

And for those missing some Zach updates I'll get to it, I still haven't uploaded the video yet. Also he's been sick and needing his nebulizer treatments, which he's actually gotten used to and doesn't cry and freak out like he used to. Thank the Lord for BIG favors.

Later y'all.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Little Art Update

Here's the inked version of the drawing I posted back in December. I'm not a good inker at all but when you don't have anyone else to do it this is what you get. Again this is for a book called the Long Count that a friend of mine letters. Hopefully this will show up as a pinup in a future issue as long as we can get someone to properly color it.

The FLU and being camera shy

So Zach has two teeth now and I believe is working on a third, but from the top side this time. Heidi had the flu last week. That stunk for her and for Zach since she couldn't hug him and love him. She was making me kiss him for her. It was sweet but sad too. There were a couple times she walked by and he just started crying because she wouldn't pick him up. It is a mighty bond they have.

Here's some video of Zach talking it up. The beginning one is me hiding the camera until he's looking away from me to sneak it in. He's way camera shy. He'll be doing something I think is really cool or funny, I grab the camera to film it and he clams up. Weird.