Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Family Trip

This is my boy! A whole MONTH OLD!

He's starting to grab at stuff these days.

I think he may grow up to be a Black Panther. Regularly whenever trying to wake up he'll raise his arm in the air and make a fist. Sometimes just the right, sometimes just the left and on a few rare occasions BOTH at the same time!

Well, he's a month old and we're going on our first family trip. Not too far just down to Chicago for a "family reunion" of sorts. A lot of family is in town from Cali, Arizona, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Wisconsin all converging in the suburbs of the coolest city on the face yo!

I'm really excited for my side of the family to finally come face to face with the greatest addition to our bloodline since 7-21-77 (what? Zach told me to say it, blame him). It'll be great getting together talking (yelling over one another) at my sister's kitchen table. Feelings will be hurt, apologies will be made, a lot of food will be obliterated, great times for everyone. My family is very generous so we can always look forward to great meals, hospitality and the occasional flatulence (hey I get to blame it on the kid, notice a pattern of blame here?). Seriously though for being as freakin' huge as my family is we're quite functional... we all love each other very much and do whatever we can to help each other out. I'm very blessed to have them all.

I just got done putting in a ipod hook up in our new vehicle (Thanks Lynn). I was also able to take care of a rattle on the dashboard by the display. If you know the interior of a Lexus RX300 it has a display for the climate and radio (in later models navigation as well) at the top of the dash. Well I'm a stereo guy and a bit of an audio snob so any noise that doesn't belong is big no no in my vehicles and I wasn't going to listen to it all the way to Chi-town and back. Whilst taking apart the dash and center console for the ipod thingy I also took apart the screen (fuzzy velcro around the edge of the screen but far back enough so it's not visible always does the trick) laid some velcro down and voila no more annoying noise. Now we can listen to the ipoddy goodness with nary a unwelcome sound. Not only that but Heidi can use her pod to make the boy simma-don-na with some Baby Einstein, Barenaked Ladies or They Might Be Giants. Lots of choices to sooth the savage beast.

Also on another GEEK note as I've been feeding People's Sexiest Man Alive 2031 I've been watching some DVD's Jason Blair lent to me of Battlestar Galactica. I've just started disc 4 of season one. I've gotta say it's not too shabby. Not the masterpiece that is Firefly, but it's keeping me entertained despite it's cheesier moments. If you like Sci-Fi give it a try (heh). But only after you've checked out the superior Firefly first.

Later peeps,

Big Poppa

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Simpsons

I'm not a huge fan of the show I've only seen maybe a dozen episodes but I thought this was cool.They need to have a body type between the wide shoulder and the belly. I went with the wide shoulder aspect of my build and they don't have an option for a baby so I made Zach as young looking as possible.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Joy and Horror of Technology

So knowing my son was just around the bend back in October of last year I made a big purchase. A Sony HD touchscreen 30 gig digital video camera that also acts as a decent point and click still camera at 4 megapixels. Great little purchase to record all of the awesomeness that would be Zach. Below you can see the fruits of my purchase. All the pictures below are from it and so is the video in the post before that.

Last Sunday was a great day for the Schwebach Family as the last of their four children was baptized. In all of my love for their family I decided to record it. I had also done so with Eric's public reading of his paper he wrote for Mark so why not this too? Well last night as I'm trying to calm my backed up son I mistakenly deleted said video before getting the chance to transfer it to my computer. The O SO SIMPLE touchscreen feature had ruined me! I thought I was deleting one folder and in turn deleted everything that was on the camera video wise. Sad to say all I have is 3 pictures for my efforts.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A photo tour of the last 3 weeks

Video of ZACH!!!

Photobucket Album
Well, I've finally joined the ranks of millions of bloggers everywhere by typing a bunch of stuff that will go largely unread. That's right True-believer! You can read my rants and reviews. But mainly I wanted to do this as a way for family to check out the development of our family now that we have a kiddo.

We welcomed Zachary Ronald Wisniewski into the family June 26th 2007 at 3:57 in the am. He was born a whopping 7.5 (considering his daddy was 9.10 I'd say mommy lucked out) and a staggering 20.5 inches long.

3 weeks into it and we have no regrets, he's been sleeping through the nights for the most part already (except when we wake him to feed) and even though he does get gassy instead of crying like a lot of babies he justs grunts like a man! How could I not be proud?

For those who may not know I'm illustrating kid's book-type stories for a magazine that's distributed in southern Wisconsin. I illustrate and helped to create a series of characters under the title Dinky Donko Club

I've also taken a job as an engraver/designer as of last fall. Yep I'm out of the 12volt game. I do a little on the side just to stay frosty but I'm glad I'm not doing it day to day anymore.

I'll be back to update lots of Zach pictures later in the week.


The Frustration of Constipation

Oh yea, Heidi got very little sleep last night as the little man had not had a BM for almost a day and was therefore grunting in his sleep. He slept a lot yesterday during the day and we think it's cause he was backed up.

I went to the DMV to renew my liscense and on my way back Heidi requested I bring her some lunch. When I went inside to drop off her chow she told me Zach is alert and wide-eyed and no longer grunting. Reason being he had a big push earlier. Good for him!

Some days you feel like crap, other days you just need to.