Tuesday, November 13, 2007

6 things you may not know about me.

I got this idea from my buddy Matt's blog. The idea here is to drop some knowledge on the unsuspecting blog reader (and that reader is you Teri) that they may not know. Since mostly family checks this out I doubt much will be new but what the heck why not?

1). I have never caused an accident or been in an accident in a car someone else is driving. But I have recieved 3 speeding tickets in my 14 years of driving.

2). I played Magic: The Gathering when I was in High School with my friends Matt, Shane and Rich. I still play every once in a while with my very cool nephews Al, Aaron and Cody.

3).I have a congenitally small esophagus. Which means I have a narrowing in my throat, so if you could see it, it would look similar to an hourglass. As a result I cannot swallow pills without the aid of copious amounts of liquid refreshment to aid me in the process. Also, I have to chew my steak really well, like momma always said to.

4). I cry like a little girl. I really do. Movies and TV shows can really push the leaky eye button for me. It's pathetic I know. I used to have a job working on cars in a garage, I'm a big guy, I like cars and tools, and building things. But I'm sensitive like a baby's rash. War movies make me cry the most. The sacrafice just gets to me, and any movie where the father/son relationship is explored well. This does not include the annoying beyond all reason dad from Finding Nemo however. Scrubs has made me cry on more than one occasion. I know, I'm shamed.

5). I still like toys and would play with them if it were not so socially inappropriate. Besides a lot of toys are cooler than they were when I was a kid.

6). Ever since I was 13 I wanted to be married. I had to wait 12 long years but it was worth waiting every minute. I mean c'mon, you've see the pictures of her and look at Zach, that's a good lookin' kid. Besides she thinks my nonsense is funny and she loves me for it. What more do you want?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween and Failure as a Father

So Halloween has come and gone and thankfully nothing was done to our cars or home (we've had smashed jack o' lanterns before). Then again we didn't put any pumpkins out to be the target of teenage shenanigans this year. I think I may have dodged a bullet by recognizing a couple of teenagers with makeup to look like the Insane Clown Posse. When they came to the door I simply asked "What's up ICP?" and let them grab a handful of loot. I'd like to say that I in no way endorse or support ICP because I think they're a ridiculous band that makes bathing in elephant stool look like a reasonable alternative to having to listen to the audio pollution that is their "music".

That having been said my kid was on a tour de force of costumes that night. First he had to dress up as a Jack O Lantern which he seemed none to pleased with, then it was onto the Lion. The Lion didn't seem to annoy him like the pumpkin did. Besides we got to work on his roar as you can tell from the video. He also had a short stint as one of Britney Spears' kid's but Heidi won't let me post that picture.

Now onto my failings as a father... Zach has been really stuffed up lately and having a hard go of it. Trouble sleeping, being content, etc. Not only that but now he's teething which makes for lots and lots of smiles and abundant joy. Or not. So he can't sleep, fights it when he is sleepy, and cries a lot. Unless you're his Mommy. Mommy can spend a couple minutes with him and he'll peace out. Daddy can spend hours with him doing the same exact stuff Mommy does with the only result being more intense crying. Thankfully he sleeps through the night, it's my one saving grace. Heidi sometimes expresses frustration that she can't make him laugh as hard as I can. Let me tell you the greater gift is being able to make him laugh sometimes but being able to comfort him ALL the time. Heidi is amazing and my son already recognizes her superiority as a human being. She is nigh perfect and I understand his reasoning but it doesn't make it any easier during those times of seemingly unending crying. I'll make it through. Besides someday we'll be playing Star Wars Legos and his smile will make me forget he ever cried.

Threw in a couple of bonus pics of nigh perfect in action soothing the savage beast that is THE ZACHHAMMER!