Friday, August 15, 2008

Walk the Walk

So very cool stuff has been happening lately...

Lynda and Barb treated myself and Heidi to a picnic/concert of the BoDeans last week at the Ravinia. We also went with Mitch and Sharon so a good time was had hanging out and listening to music. The conversation only veered into politics once and I finally shut my yap so we could just enjoy the evening. Thanks again everyone, it was fun.

My brother Larry has started a Skateboard clothing company called guy skinny. Check him out at He's busting his hump to make a go of it and I think he's got what it takes to make it happen. Hopefully I'll be doing some art for them as well for their line of t-shirts.

Now something very coooooool.

This went on for ten minutes and I loved every minute of it as you can probably tell. Also that's They Might Be Giants: Here Come the 1,2,3's DVD on the TV.

Here we have a little something extra in the basket... and I don't mean the little boy...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I am Geek, hear me geek out over geeky stuff.

Okay so I saw the Toadies on Thursday night and they Rocked My Face Off! What an intense show. Glad I was able to hit at least one concert this summer that I really wanted to see. Never had a chance to see them in their day, and now after 8 years they're back together and on tour. I went with Eric Schwebach and Jason Salas, a good time was had by all. New album drops on the 19th, looking very forward to it.

Movies I've peeped this summer...

Iron Man, near perfect comicbook action/adventure film

The Dark Knight, near perfect comicbook crime/drama film

Get Smart, funny movie, perhaps a little heavy on the "action" for a comedy but I'll forgive it since it was still fun.

Wall-E, I love almost anything from Pixar. And while this movie is toward the bottom of my favorite Pixar flicks it's still an amazingly good movie. The animation is as always a joy to behold but there were live-action inserts that were just horrid and had no place in the film.

Comicbooks I'm digging this summer are Garth Ennis' Punisher, Ex Machina, Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam, Secret Invasion, Invincible and Walking Dead.

Also Teri and Mom were kind enough to buy Guitar Hero Aerosmith for me for my birthday. It was a great gift since I've never owned any of the GH games and Aerosmith is one of my favorite bands. Despite them being a favorite band of mine Zakk Wylde is my favorite guitarist. In fact many of you know that I wanted to spell Zach's name ZAKK. Well Zakk has played a guitar with a black and pearl bullseye on it that he refers to as "The Grail". He doesn't tour with the original anymore but he has his own signature series modeled after it and has other ones with varying colors, black and silver, red and yellow, black and camo. All very cool but the original black and pearl is where it's at.

Here's Zakk shredding on the black and pearl.

Here's my GH controller customized by me. I know, I'm sooooooo cool. Just ask the kids, I'm hip, I'm down...

Back of the headstock

Top side of the neck has a saying I came up with meant to be a joke, but I love it cause I worked in the name of my favorite painter. If you can't read it for some reason it says "You can call me Norman, 'cause I Rockwell" c'mon admit it, that's pretty good.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Something witty and clever goes here to grab your attention.

So got a little update here, got some pics of Zach with his new cousin Giada and some others of him on a "playdate" and other random cool stuff.

Things are pretty busy right now between stuff going on in the Men's Ministry in the Church, Heidi taking a class this week and this weekend going to see the BoDeans, but before we see them, I'll be doing some side work while Heidi chills in the Herrero pool. She earned it though, taking an entire class in one week is no small feat. But that's Heidi for you, amazing.

On to the photo parade, you lucky ducks...

Here he is with his cousin

Shhhhh.... there's no need for words my love.

I am man I eat good

Looks like he's trying to rip one but he's just inherited his Daddy's nonsensical ways of sleeping whilst throwing one's legs in whichever direction strikes our fancy

He loves to splash

Hello ladies, you can call me Super-handsome-man. Stare into my superduper deep blue eyes... that's right, my powers involve being adorable