Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New drawering (updated with some tweaking)

This is the main character from a book called The Long Count that a friend of mine Josh is lettering... it comes out today.

*UPDATE I talked with the writer of the series today and he said if the finished product looks as good he'll use it as a pinup in a future issue. Here's hoping I don't ruin it in the inking process.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Zach is a super star dancer!

Try the link... it takes a minute but it's awesome!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Santa poops his pants

Bet you didn't know that!

Here's a few outtakes from out photo session that we did tonight...

Here's a wink for the ladies...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Disturbing Flexibility!!!

Zach has discovered his feet and he has decided they are good, not only are they good but they're probably great to put in one's mouth... ...let's see if he can do it shall we?

Could you imagine being that flexible your entire life?

Shot of the Christmas tree in daylight, it's really cool at night. Although I've already informed Heidi that next year is the last for white lights. My child will not grow up in a household not knowing the pure joy of colored lights!

I love his expression in this one.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Turkey Genocide Day recap and more!

Here's a few pics of us getting together Friday night after T-Day. This is just a very small portion of my family.

Zach crashed out on the couch.

Aaron, Tristan and myself rock some Guitar Hero III. Granted I haven't played in almost a year but I got smoked by Aaron on Bulls on Parade and Cult of Personality. Otherwise I'm pretty disappointed with the song selection on this one.

Say hello to my little friend.

Check out Scarface below. Heidi had just got done cutting/filing/peeling his nails walks out of the room for a few minutes comes back in and BAM huge scrape on his face. It's like he did it on purpose I tell ya!

Well T-Day and the whole weekend was up and down. We got to see Mom, Gail, Tristan and Darius which was a treat since they made the long haul up from Tennessee. Unfortunately Zach was still stuffy and was completely overwhelmed at any house where my family was present. He cried almost the entire time at my brother Walters and cried a lot at my sister Sharon's. The only place where he wasn't being audibly assaulted was my sister Lynda's where we stayed. Thankfully he did get good rest there despite having such a hard time breathing. I spent most of the day Friday working and plan to go back this next weekend for a lot more. But I'm sick right now. So we'll see how that shakes out.

We have our tree up and decorated. Heidi still has a little more decor to toss up around the homestead but otherwise we're fairly squared away. I don't hang lights outside yet. I think it's very hard to pull it off without looking tacky. I figure when Zach's a little older I'll probably start doing it.

We had some cruddy weather and got four or five inches of snow which turned into freezing rain. So my driveway is a snowed in ice rink. Granted this happens only about once a year but it's a major pain when it does. I was too sick to keep up with the shoveling and now our only saving grace is the ALL WHEEL DRIVE Lexus. Heidi can zip in and out of the drive with no worries. So with having so much driveway and only one little ol' me to shovel I got fed up. Heidi didn't want me having a heart attack either so I went and got myself a 6.5HP Toro snow thrower with a 21 inch clearing path *grunts* And we're supposed to get more snow tonight so at least that can be cleared without too much effort.

Green Christmas

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

6 things you may not know about me.

I got this idea from my buddy Matt's blog. The idea here is to drop some knowledge on the unsuspecting blog reader (and that reader is you Teri) that they may not know. Since mostly family checks this out I doubt much will be new but what the heck why not?

1). I have never caused an accident or been in an accident in a car someone else is driving. But I have recieved 3 speeding tickets in my 14 years of driving.

2). I played Magic: The Gathering when I was in High School with my friends Matt, Shane and Rich. I still play every once in a while with my very cool nephews Al, Aaron and Cody.

3).I have a congenitally small esophagus. Which means I have a narrowing in my throat, so if you could see it, it would look similar to an hourglass. As a result I cannot swallow pills without the aid of copious amounts of liquid refreshment to aid me in the process. Also, I have to chew my steak really well, like momma always said to.

4). I cry like a little girl. I really do. Movies and TV shows can really push the leaky eye button for me. It's pathetic I know. I used to have a job working on cars in a garage, I'm a big guy, I like cars and tools, and building things. But I'm sensitive like a baby's rash. War movies make me cry the most. The sacrafice just gets to me, and any movie where the father/son relationship is explored well. This does not include the annoying beyond all reason dad from Finding Nemo however. Scrubs has made me cry on more than one occasion. I know, I'm shamed.

5). I still like toys and would play with them if it were not so socially inappropriate. Besides a lot of toys are cooler than they were when I was a kid.

6). Ever since I was 13 I wanted to be married. I had to wait 12 long years but it was worth waiting every minute. I mean c'mon, you've see the pictures of her and look at Zach, that's a good lookin' kid. Besides she thinks my nonsense is funny and she loves me for it. What more do you want?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween and Failure as a Father

So Halloween has come and gone and thankfully nothing was done to our cars or home (we've had smashed jack o' lanterns before). Then again we didn't put any pumpkins out to be the target of teenage shenanigans this year. I think I may have dodged a bullet by recognizing a couple of teenagers with makeup to look like the Insane Clown Posse. When they came to the door I simply asked "What's up ICP?" and let them grab a handful of loot. I'd like to say that I in no way endorse or support ICP because I think they're a ridiculous band that makes bathing in elephant stool look like a reasonable alternative to having to listen to the audio pollution that is their "music".

That having been said my kid was on a tour de force of costumes that night. First he had to dress up as a Jack O Lantern which he seemed none to pleased with, then it was onto the Lion. The Lion didn't seem to annoy him like the pumpkin did. Besides we got to work on his roar as you can tell from the video. He also had a short stint as one of Britney Spears' kid's but Heidi won't let me post that picture.

Now onto my failings as a father... Zach has been really stuffed up lately and having a hard go of it. Trouble sleeping, being content, etc. Not only that but now he's teething which makes for lots and lots of smiles and abundant joy. Or not. So he can't sleep, fights it when he is sleepy, and cries a lot. Unless you're his Mommy. Mommy can spend a couple minutes with him and he'll peace out. Daddy can spend hours with him doing the same exact stuff Mommy does with the only result being more intense crying. Thankfully he sleeps through the night, it's my one saving grace. Heidi sometimes expresses frustration that she can't make him laugh as hard as I can. Let me tell you the greater gift is being able to make him laugh sometimes but being able to comfort him ALL the time. Heidi is amazing and my son already recognizes her superiority as a human being. She is nigh perfect and I understand his reasoning but it doesn't make it any easier during those times of seemingly unending crying. I'll make it through. Besides someday we'll be playing Star Wars Legos and his smile will make me forget he ever cried.

Threw in a couple of bonus pics of nigh perfect in action soothing the savage beast that is THE ZACHHAMMER!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Photorama and a crying family.

Well, it was a drama filled weekend. Zach has a bit of a cold, stuffy can't sleep on his back for more than ten minutes and therefore not sleeping much and eating more. Poor kid. Also there was a finger nail cutting incident that ended in a lot of crying and not just from Zach. He's fine of course and already has forgotten about it for the rest of his life. Whereas the parent who slipped will likely remember forever.

So one batch of pics was taken by Heidi and I, the next with all of us a family was a good friend of ours Lisa (also a Scrubs and Office fan... I'm feeding her addiction by loaning her our DVD's).

Here's Lisa's pictures.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blog I hath forsaken thee.

I haven't done it intentionally, my hard drive crashed about a month ago and it was still under warranty so I had a friend recover what he could and sent it out for replacement. That took a while. But we're back up and running and I've got lots of cool new pictures to share but not the time at the moment so I will leave you with some recent footage of the boy.

He's cracking up at me making a fool of myself. One of the greatest joys as a Dad I have experienced is finding new ways to make my kid smile or laugh.

More updates soon, scouts honor...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hammin' it up for the camera.

Video of Zach and some other stuff

Ahhh dear blog how I've missed you. Y'know it gets harder to do these things after the initial influx of ideas. Thank the Lord for my son's health and growth to keep you all entertained. I've got some awesome video of the boy going to town although he's asleep. It's about a minute and a half long so dial up users beware. It is however endlessly funny and worth the wait. I've also got a few random pictures to toss up here as well.

After a nice relaxing bath... ahhhhh the Wisniewski spa in full effect.

Love this hair, I'm determined to give Zach a mo-hawk at some point in his early youth!

Man, Rupert is fitting in with this family just fine and Zach doesn't seem to mind.

I just have to say a word about the upcoming TV season. Heidi and I are not big TV watchers, we don't have cable or dish or anything else. Just HDTV through a regular antenna so we get local channels and about five PBS channels (which is an indication that I'm getting old when I think it's awesome to have more than one PBS to choose from, although I avoid their "news" like the plague). Heidi and I do have a few must watch shows though. Among them is Scrubs (on it's 7th and last season) and The Office.

Now let me inform you all that Heidi and I together have exquisite taste in programming. We watched The Office from when it first came on the air and we even checked out the British Office before most knew it existed. In a way we feel like we were the pilgrims landing on the scant sitcom shore, we discovered it and it is now ours, and we don't care who was here before us. We rarely buy DVD's of TV shows but we make an exception for The Office and Scrubs. So we lent The Office DVD's to our friend Regina and at first she didn't care for them. We were astonished and rebuked her right away (seeing as we have the same sort of warped sense of humor). We strongly suggested she reconsider giving them back until she had a chance to view them in the right state of mind. Of course upon second viewing she was coerced into seeing the pure brilliance that is this show. Since then we have noticed the show rise in popularity and we have turned others onto it. So Heidi and I take all the credit for the shows' popularity seeing as everyone who's anyone comes to us for their pop-culture advice. We have in fact started the "Pop-culture Party Planning Committee" of which we are the only two members because I said so.

So we're slowly making our way through the newly released Season 3 in anticipation of Season 4's premiere in just two short weeks. Season 3 is even more brilliant, funny, and completely uncomfortable than the previous 2 and I highly recommend... nay, order you to check it out if you're not already.

You must be so happy to see the end...

"That's what she said!"

Thursday, August 30, 2007

360 degree tour of my workspace.

What you're about to see is more than likely INCREDIBLY boring to you and you might even be AMAZED by how little you could care, but here it is...

We had to turn our computer room into Zach's room several months ago so the comp had to go into my workspace which meant total overhaul and organization was needed to make that happen.

The sweet computer desk was generously given to us by Tony and Brenda.

My comicbook boxes used to be stacked two high six rows wide. That needed to be rectified so I got these "drawers" from BCW and just put them in there. And they slide out real nice, I can't recommend them enough if you have the same passion (IE addiction) to comicbooks like I do.

This is what it used to look like!!!!

This wall is red because I intend to someday hang up all of my original art here with some nice black frames, which Heidi and I thought would be cool.

I spend a lot of time at this table. The cool thing is at least I'm home when working my "second job". Not only that but Heidi has been an amazing help to me while illustrating the kids magazine. I've gone to her for advice in page layout, story ideas, color choices, and more. She has such good instincts, I'm continually reminded how blessed I am to have her when I just don't know where to go with something. She has her MASTER'S as a READING SPECIALIST and she's been teaching 2nd grade for seven years. Who else could I possibly trust more with this stuff?

Just so I can try to remain consistent from page to page I sometimes hang up the artwork of finished pages while I'm progressing through the story.

So yeah, I'm gonna do a whole blog on Star Wars Legos someday... stay tuned.

That's it, I hope you liked it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Laid Back Wit Ma Mind On Ma Money And My Money On My Mind

Yup, that's Snoop D O Double Geezy fo Sheezy on tha reel yo.

Sorry, I knew a kid who was white as white can be in High School yet knew every word to that song. So today was another one of those terrible days where you have no choice but to inflict pain upon your offspring. Sure every parent has to do it but today was Zach's 2 month check up and he had to get his vaccination shots. Two in one leg and one in another. Heidi went alone since I was working but obviously he didn't like it and although over all he handled it like a champ, he's still been a bit fussy and Heidi was mentally done. Seeing your child in pain no matter how necessary it is, is one of the worst possible things a parent can feel.

We'll have to take him back again for the same shots in a few months so that's something neither one of us are looking forward too.

On a brighter and bigger note our boy is now an astonishing 12.5 pounds!!! When we brought him home he was 6 pounds 13 ounces! Can you imagine doubling your body weight in two months? Yeesh. All of this reminds me though of how amazing God is. His design of a child's development and his incredible sacrifice of his Son. Both things put in greater perspective and gratitude now being a Father myself.

This is him just hours ago laaaiiiid back... with Rupert Brownie Wisniewski watching over him natch.

On to music.

I'm a weirdo when it comes to musical tastes and most who know me know the almost inexplicable range of music that I'm into. Here's what I'm peeping now... some will have an explanation for those quick to judge...

They Might Be Giants: The Else w/bonus disc Cast Your Pod Into The Wind

These guys are awesome. Shane and Rich got me into them back when I was in High School and I've been an addict ever since. They've got 2 kids' albums out already and one on the way (already have some good music to play for Zach). These guys simply cannot be "explained" they just have to be listened to and then listened to again. With every album I purchase from these guys I'm usually not too impressed upon first listening, but after many rotations my appreciation grows and soon after it's another classic in my mind. Weird but true. I've seen these guys probably 5 or 6 times and every show is unique and excellent.

Linkin Park: Minutes To Midnight

I have to admit to having gotten really sick of these guys after their first album. Then they did a remix album, a live album, a remix with Jay Z album... etc. But Eric Schwebach told me to give this one a shot and it won me over. There's some real musical/lyrical growth on this album I did not expect. The only real irritation on this album is the "o-so-typical let's Bash Bush song" Yea we get it, you don't like him... move on already.

Hanson: The Walk

Now this one people are going to think I'm nuts... but trust me. These guys (yea I know the lead singer looks like a girl with stubble) have grown since their MMM Bop days (which is an album I don't own). They've moved away from their major label, started their own and have been writing and recording the music they WANT to make. Previous guest writers and musicians have included the big dude from Blues Traveler playing harmonica, Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies, Johnny Lang, etc. I highly recommend their albums Underneath and This Time Around.

Barenaked Ladies: Barenaked Ladies Are Me/Men

This is essentially a double album that was recorded and released over the last couple years. Heidi really got me into this band and the depth of their songwriting despite the "radio hits" they've put out on their last major label albums. Again this is a band that has finally broken away from a major label and is doing things their way. In fact earlier this year Heidi and I went on the first ever Barenaked Ladies cruise. We left out of Ft. Lauderdale went to Turks/Caicos Islands and spent four days on a boat with BNL, Guster, Jason Plumb, Harlan Williams and some other cool peeps as well. I recommend every BNL album.

Harry Connick Jr. Anything the guy does I generally love, highlights include: Star Turtle, To See You, Blue Light Red Light and She.

Black Label Society: I like most everything by BLS... Stronger Than Death, Sonic Brew, Mafia etc. Just outright heavy metal with some ripping solos. For more Zakk Wylde with a more southern rock flair go with Pride And Glory or for a mellow soulful journey check out Book of Shadows

Carloline's Spine/Jimmy Newquist: Anything by these guys owns! Straight up rock and roll with CS or laid back jams with Newquist, either way you CANNOT go wrong. Some of my favorite music right there.

Burden Brothers: Mercy or Buried In Your Black Heart

This is where the former lead singer for the Toadies went along with the former drummer for The Reverend Horton Heat (both bands which are awesome). This is just good ol' down n' dirty rock n' roll. Sure some lyrical stylings are not meant for little ears but I don't play this with the volume low. Great cruisin' music... windows down, wind whippin' good stuff.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What's he so happy about?

Well for starters he pooped all over himself and while daddy was cleaning him up and putting on his diaper he starts spitting up so daddy goes to take care of that and while that's happening he kicks his diaper off and starts peeing everywhere. Yea, he's smiling because he just PUNK'D daddy.

My boy Eric chillin' with ZAKK (Eric's the only one allowed to spell it like that according to Heidi).

Zach and his Popa like to sleep.

I like this one.

He doesn't laugh or smile much for me. He's pretty much a Mamma's boy at this point.